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Welcome to Teacher Freebies! A site that gets freebies for teachers into the classroom. Find free lesson plans, teachers guides, software ... and much more.

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Why Create This Site?
With the limited amount of funding that public schools get, how much of it filters down into the classroom - very little. This site gets resources that are at low or no cost into the classroom.

Free Lesson plans, Teachers Guides, Units, and Activities

Free Sample Pages - Outlines and activities that can be printed from Copycat Magazine.  (Grades K-3)

Free Resources on providing safety in schools.

Free Resources on teaching social responsibility.

Free online unit studies, over 300 units on a variety of topics are available.

Free Online Guides for Special Education.

Free online resources - The following teacher resources are available from BC Hydro (hard copies are expensive).

Free Modified News Articles - The Star Tribune has modified a number of news article to use in the classroom.  Also includes a section of lesson plans.  (Grades 2 - 8) 

Free Courseware - On the Greenhouse Effect and Writing Everyday from Full Circle.  (Grades K - 6)

Free Outlines - to build your own model of the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, includes cutouts to download from NASA.  (Grades 5-8)

Free Thematic Units - Ten units organized by theme.  (Grades K-6)

Free Online Social Studies Teaching Kits - This site includes rubrics, writing models, maps, charts and activity toolkits from Holt, Rinehart and Winston..  (Grades 3-8)

Free sample pages - This includes an overview of book titles, and sample pages in all areas of the curriculum from Creative Publications. (Grades 1-8)

Lots of E-Books - There are quite a few free books on teaching computer literacy to children, including a few teacher resources, activities and lessons.  (Grades 3-8).

Free lessons about Peanuts - There are a ton of lessons here that you can download, from the Virginia Carolina Peanut Association.  (Grades K-8)

Free teachers guide and lessons on the avocado from the California Avocado Commission.   (Grades K-3)

Free sample lesson pages in Math, Science and English from Curriculum Associates.

Free units and lessons  for download on stereotyping, ethics and values, privacy, gender portrayal from the Media Awareness Network.  (Grades K-12)

Free Sample Pages -  Tons of free sample pages available from EPS Books.  (Grades K - 12)

Free Sample Projects - In math, language arts, social studies and science from Scholars Choice.

Free Online Idea Archive - Lessons and activities arranged thematically.  (Grades Pre - 3)

Free Activities - A number of different activities to choose, some are archived, from Creative Teaching Press,

Free Sample Lessons - Sample this selection of reproducible classroom activities from Troll Book Clubs.  (Grades Pre - 9)

Free Mammals Theme Unit Sampler - From S & S Learning materials.

Free Lessons and Teaching Tips - Geography related lessons, including maps and information from Nystrom.Net.

Free Software

Free WeatherTracker, a Shareware Application for the Mac that provides an easy-to-use Interface to the Internet Weather Servers at the Weather Underground. Hourly Weather Conditions, Local Forecasts, Climatic data and more for over 8,000 cities World-Wide.

Free Mathematics software and games for educators.

Free software demonstration downloads of Failure Free Reading programs to assist students with special needs.

Free demonstration Phonics and Reading software geared to students with special needs.

Free ClassBuilder software that includes Gradebook, Exam Creation, Reports, Prevention Of Cheating, Lesson Planner, Crosswords and word searches.

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